Wheelchair Access Platform

Here at Corporate Stage Solutions, we take our innovation seriously. As the market and industry leaders in the forefront of our field, we are one of the only companies in Brisbane and the Gold Coast region to supply and install disabled access ramps and wheelchair lifts for our clientele that require stage hire. We continue to refine, advance and develop new ideas and results that provide a range of solutions for all our customers.

Where temporary wheelchair access is required, our wheelchair access platform is an ideal solution. Available 7 days a week for conferences, award ceremonies, schools and other corporate and private events, we ensure a fully compliant wheelchair access platform that is safe, capable and reliable with the proper installation and application. Having delivered quality products effectively for years, we are confident we can supply you with custom-built solutions that exceed your expectations.

Easy to set up, our self-contained units are completely external and portable. With simple plugs that will fit into existing power points, we can quickly move our units into any desired location. You can also adjust the height of the platform for any specific needs and stage levels.

Easy to use, our wheelchair access platform has a convenient up and down control kit with remote options available. It also features a convenient ramp, shallow enough for an easy approach onto the platform. With a large portable base and large wheels, transportation is stress-free.

Easy to store, our units can be neatly and quickly packed up for transportation. An accessible plug-in charger allows for our wheelchair access platforms to be ready for immediate re-use with a full charge ready to go.

Safety is guaranteed with a bellows enclosed scissor mechanism and strong arrestor bars on the platform. Energy efficient, our low-voltage units are safe for everyday use, transportation and installation.

Standard Specification

  • Typical application is ideal for stage and platform access. Wheelchair users only.
  • Maximum travel is 1000mm Unladen
  • Weight is 140kg
  • Internal platform size is 1450mm x 800mm
  • Closed height is 100mm
  • Rated speed is 0.06 mtrs/sec
  • Safe working load is 250kg
  • Lifting mechanism is Electrohydraulic
  • Electrical supply is 240v, 13A Charger plugs into socket

Design standard is CE Marked

Wheelchair Access Image

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