Tiered Seating Hire

A fast, safe and cost effective way to ensure all attendees can have a clear and uninterrupted view of the proceedings. Our tiered seating system will offer you all of the following benefits.

  1. Fast hassle free installation of your tired seating solution
  2. 24 hr installation for minimal disruption to your venue
  3. Flexible modular system to fit YOUR tiered seating requirements
  4. Guarantee no damage policy
  5. Quiet non-slip surface.
  6. Save dollars by utilising your own chairs (or we can provide)
  7. Flexibility to alter the design on-site for last minute changes.

We remain the industry-preferred leaders and innovators with advanced and refined products and ideas that suit the needs of our clients for their large-scale functions and industry events. We specialise in corporate events and have valuable experience in seating them with competitor unmatched safety and efficiency.

With the ability to seat up to 2000 people, we can ensure everyone seated has an uninterrupted view of your event. Guaranteed to be the fastest, safest and most cost-effective way to ensure this, our tiered seating offers you numerous benefits, all at the height of industry and government standards. Host your speech nights, school productions, graduations, competitions and presentations with the leading industry experts who have the know-how and proper industry experience to successfully seat your entire event. Incomparable in safety standards, our certified application and first-choice professional team make our tiered seating hire and application the best in the business.

Tiered seating is the best way to ensure that all your guests have complete and unobstructed access to the event. Priding ourselves on our efficiency and safety, our tiered seating is also spacious and comfortable, with custom planning that suits the venue and allows the event to realise your vision.

Quick and hassle-free installation of your tiered seating solution ensures that setting up is a breeze, with minimal disruption and no damage to your venue throughout the process. We have a highly skilled and qualified installation team that work hard to meet your expectations and needs. Cost-effective options and efficient installation give you the flexibility to alter the design on-site for last minute changes with the option to utilise your own chairs if you wish (though we can happily provide our own), our tiered seating solution is truly created to realise your vision and put on an amazing show.

Don’t worry, we won’t leave you hanging after the curtains close. Not only do we install the tiered seating, but we dismantle it as well. Available 24hrs a day, we are ready to work with your event schedule and maintain smooth efficiency when packing up. Don’t settle for inferior products and unsafe applications. Trust the leading industry experts to ensure your event runs smoothly and safely, with all public liability and insurances included.

Call us for a no-obligation free quote that includes CAD seating plans and one site assessment. We also offer free layout planning and critical advice from our experienced industry coordinator, making us unrivalled competitors in the industry that are completely focused on efficiently serving you and your event needs.

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