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Access Ramp Hire

As leading industry experts, we specialise in ramp access for events and large-scale functions. No matter the unique, challenging, or extra-large requirement, we are confident we can provide your industry event or large-scale function with the solution and access you need.

Access ramps provide real and more effective solutions than stairs, as well as being more accessible for a variety of people’s needs. They can be safer, faster and often more appealing than alternate methods. Stairs can be dangerous and pose a serious fall risk, so our ramps are an easy alternative that outshines others on the market. There to assist the transit of users with wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility aids and needs, our ramps are secure and gripping with non-slip technology.

Catering for disabled and elderly recipients means making access to the stage safe and easy. With more customers requesting ramp access, we are proud of our compliance, certification and chain of responsibility that makes us the best in the business. Suitable for any challenge, our ramps are the preferred method of elevation that is not only safe and sturdy but also looks great.

Ramps are suitable for a variety of purposes including award ceremonies and presentations, as well as council and government events and functions. Being the leading brand and first choice industry experts, we have immeasurable and valuable experience that will make your event successful.

No matter the situation regarding ramp access, unique or challenging, each ramp is awarded the care and consideration we pride ourselves on. Offering a full range of options to help reduce the risk of falls, we make moving about the stage safe and easy to navigate.

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Compliant Equal Access Ramp Hire

With superlative experience in risk management, compliance, certification and chain of responsibility, we are the most innovative and leading professionals in this industry. Having developed a fully compliant equal access ramp system in conjunction with our engineers, access consultant and certifier, we eliminate unnecessary risks from any inferior/non-compliant access ramps at your event. Over the past five years, we have honed our skills and knowledge to ensure that each ramp offering is top grade and in line with industry standards, as well as boasting the latest technologies and application. Accessibility is important and we offer ramps to suit every requisite.

One of the only companies in Brisbane to supply and install disabled access ramps and wheelchair lifts, we are constantly refining, advancing, developing and introducing new products and ideas to best supply solutions to the corporate and event hire industry.

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