There is nothing worse than organising an event where you envisioned everyone dancing and having an amazing time then no one gets up on the dance floor. Here are some tips to help you set the scene and keep the party going with multiple Brisbane dance floor hire options for your event.

Set The Scene

If you are hosting a large event and want people to have enough room to move freely then you need to make sure your dance floor hire offers a large enough area for your guests to let loose.

Arrange your seating so the people who are more likely to dance are close to the dance floor. This will allow them to take the initiative and get on the floor earlier and encourage others to do the same.

Creating a fun environment is also important, we offer our clients loads of custom options to really spice things up. We can create unique shapes and custom designs, mirror finish surfaces on a rainbow of different colours to match your events theme and style.

Professional Music and Dance Floor Encouragement

Good music and fun atmosphere at your event or function is also a great way to ensure your dance floor hire is put to good use. However, don’t bring out your personal iPod playlist, it can be a real mood killer.

Hiring professional bands or DJs will ensure that all your guests have fun and can request songs at any time during the event. This will keep them engaged and wanting to dance, especially if their favorite song is about to play! 

Brisbane Dance Floor Hire

Hiring a dance floor is easy with Corporate Stage Solutions. We provide a range of different dance floor hire options for Brisbane so you have the best fit for your event.

You can choose from American Red Oak dance floors, which are a classic looking dance floor wherever you go. We also have high gloss black and white dance floors if you want a timeless and classy dance floor for your party.

Along with these we also have custom dance floor hire options for Brisbane and Gold Coast clients with over 30 different colours to choose from. You can mix and match to create a unique look for your event.

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Branding and marketing go hand in hand in business. The aim of both being to send a message to your target audience, build brand awareness and spread the word about your company. So how do you accomplish that? Well, one powerful way is through the use of brand activation!

What Is Brand Activation?

Brand activation is the process of creating an experience so that people can connect with you brand in a very physical way. This might be through something as small as a food stand or something as big as a walk through, immersive experience complete with laser lighting and stage production. At the end of the day the aim is to increase awareness of your brand and influence engagement and connection. 

What Is The Importance Of Brand Activation?

Brand activation is important for making your brand tangible so people can relate to your business. A brand on it’s own is emotionless so through experiences we can allow an audience to have a real, personal and emotional connection to a brand. It’s also an important way of sending your brand’s message straight to the consumer without it being lost like with other forms of marketing.

The most successful brand activations are either fun, clever, informative, creative or all of the above! The point is to be remembered, because then the consumer will think of you as their first choice when they need a product or service you offer. Especially if the brand activation experience they received was really positive.

One such brand activation campaign that we specialise in is vehicle presentation. This involves taking a car or a boat and creating a custom stage solution to showcase it in the best way to highlight the business’s message. These types of brand activations are very successful and engage the public with an interesting tangible display that catches the eye.

An example might be for a sports car company to literally put their audience behind the wheel of their dream car. Imagine a car, placed on a stage, with an access ramp leading up to this beautiful precision sports car, giving people a place to line up. The experience allows people to climb inside and run a sports race simulation game from behind the wheel of the real life car. As the consumer moves through the simulation the car moves and gives a full immersive experience to it’s audience.

The audience is up on stage with an entire expo of people looking on giving the consumer a sense of power and the emotion of feeling like #1. This is a brand activation experience that consumer will not forget. 

Why Choose Corporate Stage For Your Brand Activation?

Corporate Stage helps with brand activation by creating an environment where you can showcase your brand with professional custom staging solutions. We can even help you utilise the landscape for creativity by offering staging over water and creating walkways over dips in the land.

You may want a mirror like finish under your product, a guided experience like the sports car that give people an option to line up and then exit safely from stage.

No matter what you have planned we work with you to create the best brand activation campaign space to get your message across. Whether you need one or multiple installations in different locations we can make it happen!

Contact us to book Brisbane stage hire solutions for your brand activation campaign on 07 3890 2220.

Ever wanted to see how a temporary stage is built? many of our clients use staging for so many events and functions, whether it be a wedding, brand activation, marketing expo or a semi-permanent rental hire for a summer or winter event. We are one of the most trusted names in stage hire ramp hire, wheelchair access ramps and dance floors. With more than 20 years experience we know the industry back to front. If you are considering any of the above mentioned items for your next function, please give us a call for a stress-free – all inclusive package for your next hire. 

Click on the link below to download a short time lapse video!


Capture your brand’s visual identity to create a personal connection with your consumers or clients with our brand activation hire services.
At Corporate Stage Solutions our team can help you deliver a unique and custom solution that enhances your companies branding with maximum impact.

We can supply your business a custom concept drawing so you can see what your event activation will look like before it goes live to your consumers. It’s important that you get the look and feel right for this type of promotion and marketing because first impressions matter. Let us help ‘brand activation’ come to life. We have a range of suitable hire options available to ensure your event is a success. 

Have a look below at the concept drawing we just did for Toyota’s latest promotional event. 
toyota furnished 6 shades .layout