When it comes to custom staging you want an aesthetic design that is both functional and catches the eye. Therefore, you need the right elements to make that possible. Glass balustrades are perfect for custom stage solutions for events and brand activations.

Why are balustrades needed when hiring a stage?
Building custom stage with height always involves a risk factor for people who will be using it. Therefore we try to minimise the risk as much as possible for clients and their guests with safety balustrades.
Balustrades are a necessity with any stage or ramp hire that is built at a height as it protects people from an accidental fall. Balustrades help prevent serious injury and allows guests to enjoy an event in a safe and secure environment.

Traditional balustrades vs glass balustrade Hire
Traditional metal balustrades have been around for decades protecting people, sectioning off stage access, crowd control, and creating public barriers.  However, despite their sturdiness, they have never been the best aesthetic part of any event. They can even hinder the guests view depending on where and how they are installed at an event.

Glass balustrades have become increasingly popular due to their amazing aesthetics and functionality at all types of events. They are strong and protect guests using custom staging while also offering an uninterrupted view of what is happening so no one misses a beat.

Glass balustrade hire – A classy alternative
Corporate Stage incorporates both traditional and glass balustrades in our custom stage options. For more prestigious events our glass balustrades are the classy alternative that provide safety as well as a great view of the surrounding area.
Our glass balustrades are perfect with custom staging for weddings, private functions, sports events, presentations and so much more.

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Corporate Stage are all about innovation and using the latest technology to give our clients the best experience possible when it comes to custom staging. 3D modelling is one such technology that we incorporate into our business to help give our clients a more realistic idea of how their stage hire will look.

What is 3D modelling?
3D modelling is performed with specialised computer software to create an object within a 3D virtual space. This type of software is used in many industries for designing products, creating visual displays, branding and concept development.
As 3D modeling software is extremely useful and continues to become a key part of businesses today. We have incorporated Google Sketchup in our concept development process. This is because 3D modelling is a more realistic and professional way to display our stage hire options to our clients.

 How it helps with concept development
Google Sketchup makes concept development easy and is a closer representation of what the final product will look like than if we had drawn it by hand. This also gives the client a realistic representation of our stage hire options within the space where they are looking to install them.
Using 3D modeling in the concept development stage also gives our team a better indication of measurements and where each part of the stage hire is to go on the day of installation. It also allows them to see what the final stage hire installation should look like. 

Translating concept to reality
3D modeling software is a powerful tool that allows the client and our team to clearly visualise where and how a product will be installed. From here we can direct our team to build the designed stage to reflect the 3D model.
Using a 3D model as the guide to building our custom stages saves time for our team and allows the client to have their stage built sooner. This is because the software allows for clear 3D illustrations as well as dimensions that the team can follow more easily.

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Wheelchair access or disabled access is a common requirement in todays society but it can often be overlooked when planning an event, especially if you don’t know who your guests will be or perhaps there are just a million other things to organise. However, it is important to include wheelchair or disabled access at your event and we can take the pressure off you by discussing why this provision should be included in all large scale hires.

What is wheelchair access?
Wheelchair or disabled access is a way in which a disabled or mobility restricted individual can safely enter or leave an area such as a stage or platform. This allows them to enter, exit and attend an event without support, just like everyone else.
Legislation for wheelchair and disabled access covers doors, ramps, flooring, toilet facilities and more. Therefore, it is important to consider these things for your event whether you are expecting a disabled individual or not.

Legalities around providing disabled access at events?
According to the Disability Discrimination ACT businesses are required to provide wheelchair or disabled access whether that be at their business premises or an event hosted by the business. This legally ensures that disabled individuals have equal rights to access an event like everyone else.
If you refuse to provide access for disabled individuals you could face penalties to both your wallet and your brand which could damage your business’s reputation. 

Wheelchair access staging solutions
Corporate Stage provides a range of custom staging solutions including wheelchair or disabled access ramps and lift options. We can install a ramp at your event that meets all the required guidelines for wheelchair access or we can provide a motorized wheelchair platform (lift) as part of your custom stage hire.
Our motorized wheelchair platform is excellent if you have limited space at your event or would prefer an alternative solution to using a ramp. It is simple to operate and easy to set up making it the perfect custom staging solution for your mobility impaired guests.

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Ensuring your event goes from good to great only takes focusing on the finer details, it’s the smallest details that make the biggest impact. No one ever remembers an event that hasn’t had the effort put into it or has a lack of aesthetic appeal…you want to make your guests go ‘WOW’ not “oh’. Custom stage hire can do just that by making your event both special and professional no matter what type of event you are hosting.

Variety Of Stage Surfaces
Custom stage hire starts with the materials and colour. We have a wide variety of carpet and custom shaped acrylic available to make your stage the centrepiece at any function with over 30 colours to choose from you will be spoiled for choice.
You can choose the colours that suit your event or brand while being able to mix and match to truly make your event unique. This is what sets custom staging apart from the stock standard stage hire options you see at so many events!

Custom stage hire solutions are versatile and can be built to suit the venue or function centre. With a team of professionals to put your ideas into a practical setting, you will be able to see how your custom staging will work at your event prior to it being built. We will provide you with a digital 3D mockup of how the stage will appear so you can arrange all other aspects of your event without having to do any guesswork.

Our custom staging can be built over obstacles such as uneven terrain or even water, making it the perfect solution for any location. The water staging can also be made into a feature which will only enhance your event and really give it that ‘WOW’ factor.

Building custom stage hire with professionals
Corporate Stage have been building custom stages for over 20 years making us one of the leaders in the industry. We build custom stage hire to any specification.
We have built custom stage solutions for large events and small with some of our installations being built for film sets, annual presentations, public displays, press staging, corporate functions, conferences, expos, fashion stages and so much more!

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There is nothing worse than organising an event where you envisioned everyone dancing and having an amazing time then no one gets up on the dance floor. Here are some tips to help you set the scene and keep the party going with multiple Brisbane dance floor hire options for your event.

Set The Scene

If you are hosting a large event and want people to have enough room to move freely then you need to make sure your dance floor hire offers a large enough area for your guests to let loose.

Arrange your seating so the people who are more likely to dance are close to the dance floor. This will allow them to take the initiative and get on the floor earlier and encourage others to do the same.

Creating a fun environment is also important, we offer our clients loads of custom options to really spice things up. We can create unique shapes and custom designs, mirror finish surfaces on a rainbow of different colours to match your events theme and style.

Professional Music and Dance Floor Encouragement

Good music and fun atmosphere at your event or function is also a great way to ensure your dance floor hire is put to good use. However, don’t bring out your personal iPod playlist, it can be a real mood killer.

Hiring professional bands or DJs will ensure that all your guests have fun and can request songs at any time during the event. This will keep them engaged and wanting to dance, especially if their favorite song is about to play! 

Brisbane Dance Floor Hire

Hiring a dance floor is easy with Corporate Stage Solutions. We provide a range of different dance floor hire options for Brisbane so you have the best fit for your event.

You can choose from American Red Oak dance floors, which are a classic looking dance floor wherever you go. We also have high gloss black and white dance floors if you want a timeless and classy dance floor for your party.

Along with these we also have custom dance floor hire options for Brisbane and Gold Coast clients with over 30 different colours to choose from. You can mix and match to create a unique look for your event.

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