Dance Floor Hire

A very important part of any quality function and industry event are dance floors that are safe to use and splendid to look at. Used for both decorative and practical purposes, our floors are well taken care of. Kept in tip-top condition, we have the largest stock in Queensland with up to 1000 panels available for hire. From weddings and school dances to ballroom championships and dance competitions, we provide the very best materials and application. We offer two dance floor applications:

American Red Oak

Lustrous and durable, American Red Oak is a rich wood that perfectly accents everything from grand ballrooms to industry events. Safe and stunning with a glossy sheen, Oak Parquet is an industry standard that we have refined for our large clientele. With safety of paramount importance, we supply heavy-duty non-slip wide edge trimming to accompany your dance floor. In a rich gold, this trimming adds the perfect finishing touch to the dark crimson hue of the Oak Parquet.

Black and white High Gloss

Timeless and splendidly suitable for almost all themes and events, black and white is a timeless combination that offers you flexibility in planning your events. Mix and match our panels to create chequered or monochrome boards – we offer the ability to style any combination you desire to create aplomb and flare.

Custom Acrylic Flooring

 We continue to lead as industry experts with the introduction of completely custom acrylic dance floors. Now in a staggering 30 different colours, our completely custom acrylic dance floors have us dancing with excitement to help you realise your vision and create a unique and compelling dance floor for your event.

High gloss and able to be cut to any size, we guarantee designer flooring at cost-effective rates. Tailored to your individual taste, our acrylic flooring allows you to mix and match colours and decor to your heart’s content. The possibilities are endless! Subtle and smart; bold and boisterous; marbled or metallic; glossy or matte – what will you create?

Floor specs


  • 922 x 922 mm panel size
  • 22mm thick
  • 145mm wide gold or bronze edge trim
  • 3 coat heavy duty full gloss lacquer system.