Brisbane Dance Floor Hire

Dance Floor Hire

Corporate Stage Solutions has the answer to all your dance floor hire needs. No matter the occasion or dance floor required, we work hard to supply you with the best quality flooring and application in the industry. Whether you want to hire a dance floor for your special day or industry event or require a dance floor to be renovated and refurbished, we are here to help. Offering the highest quality in floor hire options, we can create a dance floor to the scale you require.

We have recently introduced custom acrylic flooring. For the first time, we are offering one of the latest and greatest products to our clients and are so excited to create completely custom acrylic dance floors and flooring in a staggering 30 different colours. Mix and match to your heart’s content, as we help you realise your completely unique and decorative vision. Whether you want an elegant pink high-gloss catwalk or a bold love heart and initials on your wedding dance floor, we have the tools to add that extra WOW factor to your next event.

Dance Floor Refurbishment

Just because your dance floor has seen better days, worn down by the numerous feet dancing to the beat, doesn’t mean you need to replace it. Refurbishing is a very cost-effective way of bringing a floor back to its once dazzling condition. Once floors have been through our intensive refurbishment process, they are better than new. Here’s how we do it:

  • We start by assessing the floor and determining the viability of a refurbish.
  • We then replace or repair broken parquetry to ensure your inlaid patterns are restored to their former, glimmering glory.
  • We thoroughly sand the surface with our state of the art finishing machine, ensuring all the scuffs, grime, wear and tear no longer mar your movements.
  • We then install our unique brass collar before cleaning and deburring an aluminium surround.
  • After applying a very durable 3 coat lacquer system to battle dullness and buff your floor to brand new, we;
  • Assess the edge trim and either clean or replace it, finishing off the floor with a splendid flare.

Choose between all or some of the above processes and we will refurbish your flooring with professional care and precision. And don’t worry about being left without proper flooring during the installation! We also offer a free loan floor (conditions apply) throughout the refurbishment process. With a 12-month product warranty on all of our refurbishment work, you can rest assured knowing that your floor will garner new life from trusted, industry experts.

Dance Floor Hire
Dance Floor Refurb