Dance Floor Refurbishment

Just because your floor is 10 years old, it doesn’t mean you need to replace it. We are proud of the surprised reaction we constantly see when our clients take delivery of their dance floor refurbishment. Refurbishing is a very cost effective way of bringing a floor back to new condition. Often these floors are better than new once they have been through our process. I know that sounds like a tall story, but the improvements we can make to your floor justify this claim. When we refurbish your floor, we;

  • Assess the viability of a refurbish
  • Replace/repair broken parquetry
  • Thoroughly sand the surface with our state of the art finishing machine
  • Install our unique brass collar
  • Clean and deburr aluminium surround
  • Apply a very durable 3 coat lacquer system
  • Assess the edge trim and either clean or replace

All or some of the above processes can be offered to suit your requirement. We also can offer a free loan floor (conditions apply) through the refurbish process. All of our refurbishment work has a 12 month products warrantee on the lacquer.

See the image below of our standard full refurbish. This image shows a floor before and after.


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Just wanted to thank everybody for a fabulous ANZAC EVE concert. Everything ran extremely smoothly from bump in to bump out. It would not have been the success it was without your input and involvement. Thanks again for everyone’s hard work and I look forward to working with you all again.

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